When you visit Bob Penhkus Volvo online, you’ll be treated to a more complete online car buying experience than ever before. Whether you’re in Colorado Springs, Monument, or Fort Carson, you’ll be able to view our entire inventory and even complete your vehicle purchase without ever leaving home. In fact, our complete suite of online car buying tools makes it easier than ever to find your perfect fit, and you’ll be in control of the process from start to finish.

How Our Online Car Buying Tool Works

The first thing you’ll want to do is peruse our lineup of new Volvo cars, wagons, and SUVs as well as our used inventory to find the vehicle that best works for you. Once you have a vehicle in mind, you can use the vehicle details screen to being structuring your deal.

First you’ll decide whether you want to buy or lease your new Volvo model. Of course, leasing won’t apply to pre-owned inventory, leaving financing as your only option.

From here, it’s time to figure out exactly how much you plan on financing. Start by valuing your trade-in using the built-in trade-in evaluation tool. Powered by Kelley Blue Book, this tool takes into account local market data to give the fairest possible price based on your description of the vehicle. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to change that estimate should the vehicle be in worse condition than expected, so be as honest as possible to avoid any surprises later.

Now that you’ve applied your trade-in value to the purchase or lease price of the vehicle, you can see how much of your new vehicle’s value you’ll be on the hook for. From here you get to decide how long you want the term to be, and you can estimate your interest rate based on your credit score to get an even more accurate view. From there, adjust the down payment amount to get the monthly payment to where you would like it to be. Or, if you can’t afford a down payment right now, change the number to zero to see your final monthly payment estimate.

Now that you’ve built your deal, it’s time to being making things official. Start by filling out our online finance application, which is both simple and secure, and we’ll be able to determine exactly what you qualify for. Well-qualified buyers will likely be eligible for whatever it is you’ve chosen on our website, while others may have to make a compromise somewhere. No matter what, we’ll let you know exactly what you can do to bring your next vehicle home.

Once you have terms that we can both agree on, simply arrange for vehicle pick up or delivery and we’ll get your vehicle ready to go! You can quickly and easily sign the paperwork at our sanitized facility, or we’ll bring your vehicle to you along with the paperwork required to finalize your deal and collect your down payment.

Other Advantages to Buying Online

With online car buying, you are truly in the driver’s seat of the entire process. You can calculate deals on multiple vehicles at once to try and find the best possible deal which is often difficult to do when you physically visit our dealership. You can cross-compare different trim levels, find the exact options you want on any vehicle at our dealership, or sort by price to see all of the vehicles that fall within your chosen price range! In addition, you can make adjustments to the down payment amount and term length on the fly to find a deal that better fits what you’re looking for, allowing you to find the right deal more quickly. Finally, nothing gets processed until you are ready to fill out that online finance application, so you can take the time you need to make the right decision, or you and your partner can sort through the variety of deals you’ve assembled to find one you can both feel good about. Online car buying presents several opportunities to make the car shopping experience better than ever, and Bob Penkhus Volvo is excited about all that it has to offer.