Our environmental work is based on respect and concern for the individual, society and nature.

The environmental efforts within our company are based on: a holistic approach, life cycle management and a global concern, and shall always be part of our business strategies and relevant decisions.

Continuous business driven improvements shall be fundamental requirements of all our operations, as well as compliance with applicable legislation and other demands, such as prevention of pollution.

People's health, energy efficiency and resource efficiency are the main areas of our focus.

We shall:
  • Create wise and responsible products and services, to our customers and the world around us.
  • Build industry leading competence in the environment focus areas based on: consumer needs, demands and reality based environmental data.
  • Ensure an extended continuous dialogue internally and externally regarding environmental issues and to be transparent with what we do and why.
  • Act as a role model with regards to environmental care, both internally and externally, when being a Volvo Cars employee and representative.

We seek to ensure that a similar degree of environmental care is exercised by our working partners.